Restaurant and Park of the Northen war in Vyborg


Recreation Park Vyborg photoThe Olaf tower view from the street of the Assault 1А photo

Cultural and entertainment complex «Peter I. Northern bridgehead» — a unique space in which you will be touched by the era of Peter the great and not get bored. On the territory there are many thematic attractions that will appeal to any visitor. Each guest of the Park will be able to make a souvenir coin, shoot with an air rifle and throw the core with a giant slingshot.

On the «Alley of commanders» you can find a lot of information about the commanders who took part in the assault on Vyborg in 1710. A convenient and safe viewing platform, recreated from ancient photographs, will allow you to look at Vyborg from a new angle.


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Director of the park Sergei Volodkin. Interview.

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Restaurant Russian Yard Vyborg photoThe restaurant's interior courtyard of the Russian Vyborg photos

Russkiy Dvor restaurant pleases residents and guests of Vyborg with excellent cuisine, live music and interiors in the style of the middle ages.


Dear residents and guests of Vyborg, the site provides basic information about the cultural and entertainment complex «Peter I. Northern Bridgehead».

Come and see — unforgettable impressions will get you embodied in this medieval fun, quality food and a spirit of Peter’s era reigning everywhere.