How to get there

Cultural-entertainment complex of the Park «Peter and the Beachhead» is located in a convenient location — in the centre of Vyborg, in the street of the Assault, 1 A

Walk in the center of Vyborg

From Peter’s square and the monument to F. M. Apraksin, located on Shturma street, the complex «Peter I. North Bridgehead» is separated by a pair of pedestrian crossings and a short walk along the fence of the Park.

By car from St. Petersburg

The road from St. Petersburg to Vyborg takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. The time may be longer on a Friday evening — in the direction of Vyborg. On Sundays and the last weekend in a series of holidays the road is overloaded in the direction of St. Petersburg.

We recommend using the toll highway (Northern radius of the Western high-speed diameter) — its end goes to the Scandinavian highway.

Go on Scandinavian or Vyborg highway to the Lights. Here these tracks converge, then a large section of road — about a hundred km to the traffic police post. About three miles after him — interchange at ring Vyborg. Keep to the right lane, turn to the exit at the signs to VYBORG / VYBORG. On the Leningrad highway to drive to the street North, which continue until the turn of the Leningrad Avenue (left). Then quite close will turn right-on the embankment of the 40th anniversary of the Komsomol, smoothly passing into the embankment of the 30th Guards corps. Turn right to the bridge that leads to Petrovskaya embankment. Near The monument to F. M. Apraksin, turn left, to Shturma street

For the bus

    From St. Petersburg to Vyborg regularly go two routes:

  • № 850 — from the metro station «Parnas» to the bus station Vyborg. The approximate interval of 30-40 minutes. The current schedule is on Yandex.
  • № 810 — from metro station «Devyatkino» — North bus station-to Svetogorsk through Vyborg. The bus leaves 4 times a day.

Distance from bus station Vyborg to complex «Peter North Bridgehead» approximately 2 km away, and Expect your hand — use the taxi service!

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