Powder magazine

On the way to the Vyborg Castle on the street Island or Petrovskaya embankment, attracts the attention of a small characteristic building, located in the street of the Assault. Previously, the surrounding area was called Petrovskaya Gorka, now it is the Petrovsky district of Vyborg. A brief excursion into the history of Peter’s times will give an understanding of the purpose of construction, the historical value of the monument of history and culture.

History of the building of the Powder magazine

Under the terms of the peace of nishtad, concluded after the Northern war of 1700-1721, Vyborg became part of the Russian state. The fortress and the surrounding buildings, which were significantly affected by the military actions, were reconstructed by the decree of Peter I, who called Vyborg «a strong pillow in the head of St. Petersburg». Many buildings were destroyed, auxiliary rooms became unusable due to damp.

The rock hill at Cape Tervaniemi was the perfect place to build a new powder cellar. Durable, high-quality building of the cellar project, an unknown artist has been posted by the team of Vyborg engineers in the years 1745-47. Material of construction-hewn granite stones, fastened with lime mortar. The structure is simple, one-tier, rectangular. Within the walls there is a small produhi.

earlier in the cellar stored gunpowder and other ammunition, photos

Initially, the transverse wall divided the cellar into two rooms: the actual storage space for powder stock, a side room with a separate entrance. The longitudinal axis of the building is marked by three massive pillars, around which in the past installed racks for powder storage. The same racks were located along the walls along the perimeter of the room. A good hundred years the thick land turf served as a roof. Several times the building was reconstructed, changed the layout. At the end of the 19th century, the roof structure was dismantled, wooden rafters with iron flooring were arranged.

The Fortress Of Koron-Saint Anna -
Anninsky fortifications of Vyborg

The whole complex of the Fortress of Koron-St. Anna is usually called Anninsky (Annensky) fortifications. Defensive structures protected the Vyborg castle from the West. The complex was actively built and used in the I half of XVIII–I half of XX centuries.
Now it is a monument of history and culture of Federal importance, a source of attraction for tourists, visitors, a place of rest.

Thanks to the careful attitude, preservation of the historical appearance of the Powder magazine building by private investors, everyone can feel the spirit of that era. A picturesque Park is located around the building. Stylized lighting, paths, platforms-a pleasant, atmospheric place for impressions. In some parts of Petrovsky Park among the thickets of a grass and a Bush it is possible to meet the destroyed constructions, the remains of ladders, retaining walls.

The interior decoration seems to have survived from the middle ages. And from the observation deck offers an unforgettable view of the promenade, the island, the famous castle, especially beautiful in the evenings, when the Olaf tower is brightly lit.