The restaurant «Russkiy Dvor» in Vyborg is located in one of the two remaining powder cellars. This is a part of The Anninsky fortifications built under Anna Ivanovna.

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The advantage of the restaurant-its favorable location. The cellar itself can be viewed from Petrovskaya mountain, and from the historical part of Vyborg to it no more than 5-10 minutes at a leisurely pace. So just search «Russkiy Dvor» is convenient after a stroll around the headland of the resin or after visiting the old town.

A stone staircase with lighting leads to the restaurant. During the reconstruction of the historic building, the interior of the powder cellar acquired modern features, but the atmosphere of the 18th century was recreated inside. Ceilings with vaults, stone walls, chandeliers made of heavy metal, old maps, models of weapons-such interior solutions create the feeling that the visitor has become part of a different era.

Menu of the restaurant «Russkiy Dvor»

The basis of the menu of the restaurant «Russkiy Dvor» are dishes of classical Russian cuisine, which implies the concept of the institution. Visitors will find delicious appetizers, hearty soups, flavorful meat and fish dishes (pike perch, pike, cod). Lovers of delicious food will appreciate several types of side dishes, salted mushrooms, salads, desserts. Guests can enjoy traditional Russian kvass or juice as a refreshing drink.

Especially nice in the warm season to sit on the terrace with beautiful views of the Vyborg castle and the promenade. Located near the rock it will protect from the wind, and will not let the weather spoil the meal.

A separate room of the restaurant «Russkiy Dvor» is designed for a cozy Banquet hall, where you can celebrate weddings, anniversaries and other memorable events.

Parking is available near the restaurant.
The restaurant is open daily from 12.00 to 23.00.



Murmansk scallop on mashed cauliflower with orange sauce145/50/5g.420

Roast beef with gherkin and cream horseradish100/60/30g.450

Spicy herring with baked potatoes190/20g.400

Pancake with red caviar110/30g.400

Chicken pate with biscuits and orange150/50/20g.350

Chicken giblets in creamy Portvine160/40g.280

Chicken roll with dried fruits on cherry marmalade with crumble nuts100/90g.300

Beef tongue with smoked tuna sauce150/50/30g.450


Vinaigrette with Baltic herring and cream of peas220/25g.300

Olivier with chicken fillet and shrimps210/50/15g.520

Vegetable salad with Kakhetian oil and cilantro180g.320

Karelian salmon in caramel crumb of rye bread105/85g.380

Salad with veal and pear in teriyaki sauce135/35/15g.480


Finnish fish soup with salted honey250/40g.400

Chicken broth with pies250/60g.300

Okroshka on kvass340g.250

Okroshka on kefir330g.250

Solyanka with meat300g.350

Pea soup250/150g.300


Honey cake with pear150g.200

Carrot cake150g.200

Smetannik (Classic russian cake with sour cream)150g.200

Pear with ice-cream and salted caramel sauce150g.200

Hot dishes

Pike perch fillet with buckwheat noodles140/120/30g.550

Cod with beans in hollandaise sauce and cherry tomatoes120/100/40g.560

Chicken cotlet with homemade lecho and mashed potatoes150/150/50g.450

Beef Stroganoff made of veal tails with potatoes160/150/30g.500

Veal cheeks with cereals130/130g.570

Rack of lamb with potato rosti and eggplant paste130/150/30g.800

Rabbit stewed with new potatoes and chocolate sauce150/120/40g.780

Stuffed rabbit with singed potatoes180/150/140g.480

Pork belly Piglet with homemade lecho200/40/30g.420

Duck leg with sauerkraut and cranberry sauce180/150/40g.700

Pork on cabbage steaks130/180/30g.640








Soft drinks330ml.90


Bottled water




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