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    From the finalist of Hellish Kitchen, brand chef Mikhail Nekrasov

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Years of study behind the back, not only for children, but also for parents… final exams passed… ease and anxiety at the same time…

A graduation party is a holiday that everyone deserves! It is very important to organize everything in such a way that after 10, 20, 30 years, this day of parting with the school would be desirable to remember, tell your children, discuss meetings of graduates in the evenings.

Where to start

So, you can start the evening of rest with a solemn raising to the anthem of the flag of an educational institution or laying out a time capsule with a message from students to yourself, with an indication of a clear date for opening this capsule, say 10 years later.

Include in the program viewing of a slide show or video with bright memorable events of school life or just use screens for competitions (repeat the dance movements from the screen; guess what is on the screen…).

View a slideshow or video


At your service are 2 halls, which differ from each other not only in size, but also in original design solutions.

All this allows you to spend any graduation in the perfect atmosphere.

Activities in the restaurant

For a memorable graduation, the general theme of the evening must be set. Say, «live broadcast from the red carpet» or the final in sports performance using arcade games, a rope town or a street quest «School years are wonderful…»

Rope parkRestaurant territory

Graduates want something creative? Arrange them dancing flash mob on the street and with the help of a quadrocopter make a breathtaking video from the air.

Those who are tired during the celebration, you can relax in the lounge area on hammocks or on frameless chairs, and the most energetic to jump on the trampoline.

Park activitiesTrampoline

Be sure to take a bunch of photos! For example, you can organize a photocast from the movie «Titanic» at the «Ship» art object, where Rose and Jack are at the prow of the ship with open arms or make a class name from the graduates themselves.

Art object 'Ship'Art object 'Ship'

A disco dance with a DJ and a light show is another must-have of any successful party. In a restaurant or cafe with the use of a smoke machine or a bubble generator, or even better — under the open sky!!! away from homes and prying eyes.

In the evening

Well, under the curtain of the prom, everyone can go outside and under the touching words of the presenter and the melodic song to make their most secret desires and launch fireworks, balloons or Chinese lanterns.

Only you, graduates and parents, know what holiday you need!

Finally, in the city of Vyborg, a platform appeared where you can put all of the above, and many other bold and creative ideas, and we will help you with this!!!

Event menus

The restaurant offers Russian cuisine in the author’s performance and a special banquet menu. You can choose one of three options, different in content and price. Or collect your own from the menu presented on the site.

The Russian Yard is not only a banquet in a restaurant with a unique author Russian-Scandinavian cuisine, but also an outdoor recreation in the Peter 1 amusement and recreation park the Northern bridgehead at the same time!

Come to us for the brightest and unforgettable triumph of your life, because graduation is only once in a lifetime!

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